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Jess Bates
08 March 2012 @ 06:08 am
I finished City of Bones (13/50) and City of Ashes (14/50) (both by Cassandra Clare) this week. ^_^ And I started my Jeffery Deaver novel, The Cold Moon (15/50), last night during my first smoke break at work.

>.> I promise I'll make myself sit down and write more than just one liners about WoW or my books. I have many things I want to transcribe. Our new apartment/the move for one.
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Jess Bates
05 March 2012 @ 06:57 am
FINALLY finished Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. >.<
I forgot how annoying and whiny Louis is and therefore it took me (what feels like forever) to finish that damn book.

Just started City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (13/50). Hopefully it won't take 2+ weeks to get through this one. :)
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Jess Bates
29 February 2012 @ 02:09 am
Took me much longer than it did for Old Crafty out of Orgrimmar... but I'm not complaining.

355 x Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper
128 x Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish
97 x  Raw Brilliant Smallfish
1 x 19 Pound Catfish
1 x 17 Pound Catfish
1 x Lesser Mana Potion
1 x Old Ironjaw!!!
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Jess Bates
21 February 2012 @ 02:09 am
18 x Raw Longjaw Mud Snapper
5 x Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish
4 x Raw Brilliant Smallfish
1 x Lesser Healing Potion
1 x Old Crafty

Took less time than I thought it would... >.> No complaints, though!

Much more detailed post coming soon.
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Jess Bates
15 February 2012 @ 06:06 am
My days have been filled with apprehension and packing! >.< Joel and I both agree that we'll be EXCEPTIONALLY happy when this move has come and gone. And we both agree we wish it would just hurry and be Friday already! ^_^

I finished that Pratchett novel. It was good. Just not the taste I wanted at the time, I suppose. Finished yesterday morning before I took Bill to work. Since yesterday was Valentine's Day, Joel and I decided to get some lunch (our usual Chinese lunch was going to be interrupted this week because of the move on Friday, so we pushed it up a few days) and we went to the library. I've lived in Decatur for over three years now, but had NEVER stepped foot inside the library before yesterday. For shame! I know. But since we just RECENTLY got a car, I had a good excuse. Equipped myself with a library card and checked out two books. :) We were both steadly heading into a food coma from the Chinese so I cut the perusing short with only going after those two books. They aren't new to me, both re-reads. Both Anne Rice novels. :)

And as for work?  Well, let me just post the two status updates I put on Facebook for you to understand...

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Oh! Also... something I posted about Valentine's Day:
just an observationCollapse )

More packing today. Tying up loose ends while Joel plays WoW, I think. :)

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Jess Bates
13 February 2012 @ 06:33 am
Four more days and the big move of 2012 will happen! Well... it's not really that exciting to anyone but Joel, Bill and I. But for my sake, will you at least act a little excited for me? ;)

Other than working on the apartment, playing WoW when not working on the apartment, I've been slogging through my book (good, but not what I wanted - also can't leave a book unfinished) and trying not to kill my co-workers with my MASSIVE MIND BULLETS O' DOOM! >.<

Lunar Festival ended in WoW and we're full swing into Love is in the Air event. Valentine's Day. Single Awareness Day. Commerical chocolate and ugly stuffed animals Day... whatever you decide to call it. It's red, hearts, and sappy shit all around. :) Personally. I like wondering if Joel's going to do anything sweet. Write me a note. Give me a flower. Piece of chocolate. I don't know. -shrug- He's not the romantic type, but he is sentimental, so if he does something, I know it'll be from his heart and that is what matters. -whispers- Plus, he knows I love multi-colored carnations or orange roses.

But the move is the most prominent in both our minds right now. Joel gets off work this morning @ 9AM... so I'll probably stop by and see him before I go home and enjoy the quiet to work a little more on the apartment in peace. Then again, his boss may keep me in a conversation until 9. Never know with her. He likes me around as well. :)
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Jess Bates
09 February 2012 @ 06:32 am
  • R.A. Salvatore
  • George R.R. Martin
  • Anne Rice
  • Cassandra Clare
  • (and I'm going to cheat...) Robert Heinlein
  • (cheat once more... let's make it a real party) Victoria Holt

Yes, those are all authors. And it's likely to be different 6months to a year from now. Because while my interests don't change, the contributors to that interest do sometimes.
So, let's look at the list. Three fantasy writers. One gothic/horror fantasy writer. One Sci-fi writer. One gothic/romantic suspense writer. Three living, three dead. I think that's a nice, even balance.


It's been a VERY long night. I've spent most of it pissed off. First... just being here knowing that four people I really wish would get fired are still employed. I don't want them on the street, just not employed here. Second, when I went into the storage room to get supplies for the Breakfast bags and the Arrival bags, I found that the plates/bowls/coffee/juice had all been delivered and STACKED IN FRONT OF MY SUPPLIES! -fumes- It's HER (the other breakfast lady, the one I LOATHE) responsibility to put the deliveries away... she fucking ordered them! But no. I had to. And the only reason I had to was because all of it was stacked so high I couldn't just reach around the grab what I needed... there was absolutely NO room. Third, because of all the un-necessary box juggling, I lost my footing for a second and stomped down hard with my bad foot. :( And also, because of all the standing I've done tonight, my ankle is the size of a softball instead of a puny baseball like it has been. :(( BAH!

BUT! Tonight, Joel and I are visiting Grace and Matt, who we haven't seen in several weeks. Fun shall be had... I hope. ^_^ And since I'm off the next two days, I foresee more packing/cleaning/laundry. :L These aren't bad things, I just hate having to wait until my days off to be really productive. Makes me feel lazy, but I'm really not. Just... tired. Physically and mentally. This job would be half as taxing as it is if it weren't for those four people and the crap they make me put up with...

And I'm still reading this Pratchett novel. Still silly. Still hard to follow sometimes. >.>
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Jess Bates
08 February 2012 @ 06:35 am
Well, I was left a note last night that stated that I needed to call my AGM this morning after I've gone home. She's going to yell at me for leaving a note in the community notebook stating how "second shift needs to get their priorities straight and do their jobs!" And it's not even second shift, it's that one stupid individual I mentioned in a previous entry. :( I'm going to get yelled at for making a public note but I was assured that my AGM completely agrees with me... Well, that's great! >.> But I'm still going to get yelled at because I know my AGM deals with having to keep up appearances. >.< You know what, folks? I really hate this hotel. And my co-workers (with the exception of two clerks and one breakfast lady). And the owner. And my lackluster GM... who's as useful as a wet noodle that's fallen on the floor. My obnoxious AGM with her too-tall hair and LOUD voice. BUT! I do love my position. I love the paperwork. The responibilities. The atmosphere. Especially the solitude to get things done on my own time and doing my own routine. But I'm very quickly losing my patience for this place...

Joel and I spent four hours at the car repair shop yesterday. We went in for an estimate to give to the General Manager of the place we bought the car (a lot of the problems were covered by our service warranty) but someone at the repair place called the GM, he came over and talked to us about the issues the car was having and told them just to fix it! Told us to pay him when we picked it up and went back to the dealership. Joel and I sort of just looked at one another, shrugged and found a way home. An estimate turned into a working car! :) I'm still not entirely clear on all the details with why the tire was shaking, but maybe Joel'll post the details and I can link to it. They were talking really fast and I was sleepy, so I wasn't listening as closely as I should have been. /blush

Shitty work environment (boo), working car (yay!), stalemate waiting for the 17th to get here so we can move (meh...), and not as happy with my book selection this round (>.<) all equals a very cranky Jess. :( I mean... it's not that I'm disappointed with Pratchett... not at all. I'm really enjoying it, but at the same time, I wasn't necessarily ready for a silly book so I'm not diving into as I have been the previous 10. >.> And considering I just hit the middle of the book and JUST realized they'd found the plot mucked into the rest of the silliness leaves me unsettled. I'm fighting with myself trying to decide what I want to read next. Another Heinlein novel given to me by Joel's family or talk Joel into letting me purchase the first of C.Clare's Immortal Instruments series... Probably Heinlein since he'd probably scowl and scowling doesn't look good on him.

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Jess Bates
07 February 2012 @ 06:30 am
I finished Clockwork Prince in record time. >.< But started another right after! :) A Terry Pratchett novel called The Last Continent. It's... silly. This is my first adventure with Pratchett and so far the description of it being very Monty Python-esque is true! I giggled at least three/four times a page. But with it's silliness, it's hard for me to keep up with a lot of what the author is getting at so I have to re-read sentences, sometimes whole paragraphs to understand what silly point Pratchett is trying to make. After a swarm of serious novels, this silly one is confusing and refreshing. ^_^

Outside of novels, life has been at a stalemate since we're having to wait to move for another week and a half. Joel's getting antsy and I'm just gliding along with a book in my hands. Can't let myself get anxious or we'll start trying to bite each other's heads off.

And as for work? I really wish I could get a certain employee fired. The GM's not doing anything about his lack of working. The AGM has had it up to here -holds hand WAY above head- but since the GM isn't going to do anything, the AGM is at a loss. And every front desk clerk besides the one in question nearly refuses to work with them. But if they want hours, they take what they can get. Now, I don't have to work with this person, but I do have to clean up their mess of paperwork when I get to work. That ALONE pisses me off. You spend so much time telling me how awesome you are at your job, how trying your other hotel jobs were, how much you were depended on by your other jobs to take on tasks that would be above your rank... yet you can't get a fucking signature on a piece of paper from a guest so you FUCKING FORGE IT?! I know some of the guests you check in. I know what their fucking signatures look like... and buddy, you're scribble is NOT it. >.< -breathes-
He'll get what's coming eventually. I just wish the GM would man up and do something!

I'm going to get back to my silly book so I'm not upset any more.

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Jess Bates
05 February 2012 @ 06:13 am
The weekend was pretty uneventful. Packed a little. PvP-ed with Joel. Ran LFR with Joel on my priest. Finished Farnham's Freehold and started the book I picked up on Friday: Clockwork Prince. And found I'd made a mistake... unfortunately CP isn't my 11th book, like I would have previously thought, it's my 10th book. I got mixed up with my numbers sometime last month. I'm only one book behind than I had thought. FF was utterly fantastic. Heinlein doesn't disappoint. :) But CP... now this is a book that brings forth emotions I haven't felt when reading in a book in a long time. Insatiable feelings. Like I'm going to miss something if I put the book down for any extended length of time but the logical part of my mind reminds me that it's a book... it can't move forward unless I'm reading it. >.>

I've been having very realistic, fantasticly vivid dreams lately and I wonder if it's because of the amount of books I'm going through. Since I'm jumping storylines, characters... hell, even genres with each new book I pick up, it feels like my mind doesn't have a chance to catch up and digest all the subjects in a linear fashion. And with CP being so domineering, it's hard to concentrate when I'm not reading. And here people get scared when people fall into gaming that they can't tell reality from fantasy... what about when people let themselves get trapped by novels? Isn't it just as bad? I'm not saying that we should censor ANYTHING to do with books or games, but I'm just making an observation that one can lose themselves just as easily in a book as they can a game. Don't discriminate against one without realizing the other.

Enough of the philosophicalizing, I want to get back to reading. :)

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